EvoMachina is a novel natural computation algorithm, inspired by recent understandings of the processes of genome reorganisation in bacteria and viruses. In EvoMachina the machinery of evolution (expression, replication, etc) is implemented by “machines” that are themselves partly encoded on the genome, and hence are themselves subject to evolution.

The EvoMachina framework is implemented in Java8, using its concurrency management to allow machines and spaces to execute concurrently, and exploiting lambda expressions for succinct customisation of application-specific machines and domains.

EvoMachina provides a framework for novel evolutionary algorithms, and includes two example implementations: TSP and subspace clustering. EvoMachina code and user documentation are available from github/evoevo-york/evomachina.

Github page

EvoEvo is an Information and Communication Technologies initiative funded by the European Commission under FP7.
Background image - Young Tree, 1932, Paul Klee